A sweet, soothing lullaby in place of a sugary bottle helps babies develop the strong healthy teeth essential for chewing, speech development and healthy smiles and bodies.

A sweet soothing lullaby when your baby is accustomed to a glass of milk at bedtime is also good at keeping mom’s vocal cords in prime condition, I also think.

“Tooth decay in infants is becoming an epidemic,” said UAB pediatric dentist Stephen Mitchell, D.M.D. Decay occurs when sweetened liquids, including milk, formula and fruit juice, are left clinging to an infant’s teeth for long periods. “It’s not just what you put in your child’s bottle, but how often and for how long.”

To prevent decay, experts suggest wiping baby’s gums with a clean gauze pad after each feeding, begin brushing baby’s teeth when the first tooth erupts and never let baby fall asleep with a bottle of sugary liquid.

OK, here’s a reality check: how would your sleepy little one would tolerate a gauze pad in her mouth? Will she be willing to go back to her sweet dreams? I doubt that.

Now, tooth brushing. Go and tell my baby that it’s not time to go all drowsy, we are off to brush our teeth. And then maybe I’ll sing lullabies till I go hoarse.

Brushing teeth with what – that fluoride toothpaste? Thank you very much! I am planning to devote a whole post to fluoride toxicity. You’ll no doubt find a few reasons why you must absolutely keep fluoridated toothpastes away from your baby.

No reasonable parent would leave a baby with a bottle of a sugary cola or juice in bottle to sleep. With all my great respect for British nurse Gina Ford (her routines saved my life) I cannot vouch for lulling baby back to sleep with sugar water. This is cruel. Ever tried going to sleep after a mighty doze of carbs? But I see nothing wrong with letting my baby drink some organic formula milk at night. Maybe dentists should try and do something about all those rows of sweets and cookies lined up at every checkout in the supermarket? I bet they do much more harm to baby’s teeth than a bottle of milk during the bedtime.