baby bottle

Five baby bottle makers are slapped with a lawsuit over use of the toxic and endocrine-disrupting chemical bisphenol A in baby bottles and cups.

In the suit filed last week in U.S. District Court, four Ohio parents allege the companies knew that bisphenol A was associated with health problems, the Associated Press reported.

Ohio-based Evenflo; Illinois-based Avent America Inc.; Missouri-based Handicraft Co.; Connecticut-based Playtex Products Inc; and the Swiss company Gerber Novartis are named as defendants in the landmark lawsuit.

To support their lawsuit, angry parents cited scientific studies that concluded the bisphenol A leach from plastic bottles and plastic drinking into the milk and other liquids.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical with estrogenic activity. Tests on animals show that bisphenol A causes brain and behavior changes, early puberty and possible precancerous changes in the prostate and breast. Scientists also found that bisphenol A causes “histological changes in spleens, livers, and kidneys,” Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health reported in 2008.

 “The plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages,” added on their website.

Associated Press noted that none of the companies were available for comments: spokespeople either refused comment or weren’t immediately available to return calls from the media.

So now it happened. Finally moms worldwide are waking up to the dangers of our plastic overuse. But will this lawsuit change anything? The investigation may take a few years, and even if the companies would be found guilty in poisoning millions of babies, thousands if not millions plastic baby bottles and sippy cups will be sold during this time. No one will place a warning on the bottles that are already in stores. No one will recall them.

Millions of new moms, nurses, and nannies are feeding babies from bisphenol A-leaching bottles this very moment.

The solution is simple: Do not buy or use plastic baby bottles. Invest in glass bottles with silicon teats. Glass bottles last longer; they are sturdy and almost completely shatter-proof; they are perfectly safe for breast milk storage and formula; and they won’t cause cancer in your baby. For sippy cups, buy a stainless steel cup or bottle such as Sigg. It looks adorable, it doesn’t leach chemicals, and will last for years and years. Consider using shatter-proof glass and china, as well as steel for all baby feeding needs.

Spread the word: if you see a new mom feeding her baby from a plastic bottle, tell her about this lawsuit and the dangers of using plastic baby bottles, and suggest switching to glass bottles or steel cups.

— Based on HealthDay report.