I am so over Method or any other dioxane-laden household cleanser that claim to be non-toxic and generally human-friendly. Here’s why.

As I was cleansing my kitchen preparing for a playdate, my own baby snatched the bottle of cutesy “non-toxic” METHOD cucumber-scented all-purpose cleaner, and in minute or two, she spritzed herself soaking wet in that “mineral”, ghastly toxic disinfectant. Her eyes were red, she was breathing frantically, and I rinsed her with cold water mercilessly, top to toes. Next minute, after my baby was dressed in clean set of clothes, the METHOD cleanser went down the drain, and I had to come up with something that would be tough on grease yet possible to make from the ingredients in the kitchen cabinet.

Here’s what I poured into my freshly rinsed METHOD spray bottle:

10 ounces of plain tap water (oh no, 5 ounces did come from the Brita filter jug)

5 ounces of SO Organic White Wine Vinegar (you can use any type of good color-free vinegar, including Heinz)

10 drops tea tree essential oil (antibacterial)

10 drops rosemary oil (smells nice and antibacterial)

2 drops peppermint oil (for the fun of it – and yes, antibacterial)

Surprise, surprise: it cleanses better than METHOD or any other conventional all-purpose cleanser. No streaks were to be seen on stainless steel surfaces or wooden countertops. The scent was sour and a bit offending, for a second, but if you explain to yourself that all you are breathing are vinegar and essential oil vapours, it becomes so much more bearable.

By the way, you can add any blend of essential oils to the cleansing mix. Keep tea tree oil for its disinfectant action and experiment with clove, pine, sandalwood, rose, rosewood, patchouli, ylang ylang, or any other sort of woodsy, chic, sensual fragrances. When I added more essential oils, the scent was much more pleaseant, sort of aromatherapeutic.

Oh, and you save tons of money, too! Even if I use 50 percent concentration of an organic wine vinegar (although I am fine using plain Heinz for countertops), my huge homemade bottle of all-purpose cleanser costs me $1.50, including essential oils. Sounds good to me!