All new moms make the mistake of following those New Baby Checklists and buy more stuff than their baby will possibly use in her first year. I have yet to see a pregnant woman who wouldn’t have a hefty stash of diapers, diaper creams, baby lotions, wipes and bath foams by her seven months into pregnancy. More often than not, this mom will end up using one or two items, letting the rest stay unopened well until the holidays to make nice stocking stuffers.

            In general, all babies and toddlers need just three basic items to stay clean and rash-free:

  •             Multipurpose bath product that can be used on hair, bum and body
  •             Baby wipes
  •             Diaper rash cream or oil

            Some products, such as dusting powder, bathing powder and massage body oil are nice to have but are not absolutely essential. When your baby is six months old, you can start using a mineral-based, good quality sunscreen in the summer, preferably with SPF 30. Choose formulations with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, because they provide all-round protection and are less likely to trigger an irritation.

            There are many wonderful all-natural baby products that work even better than their synthetic counterparts but do not cause any unwanted effects. Homemade recipes for a baby’s care will give you peace of mind in knowing what exactly goes in them, and the ingredients are many times right in your kitchen.