Baby drinking formula milk

Baby drinking formula milk

China said nearly 13,000 children were in hospital Sunday after drinking toxic formula milk .

 Chinese health ministry said 12,892 infants were in hospital with 104 babies in serious condition, as reported by country’s official Xinhua news agency.

Some 1,579 babies had been “cured” and discharged, the government said, adding that hospitals nationwide admitted almost 40,000 children. 

Should we believe these reports about miraculous “cures”? After all, China is well-known for its strict governmental control over media reports, and the country also known for its swift moves in anything that questions its status in the world.

If it can miraculously doctor child gymnasts’ passports so they could participate in Olympics, it can also “doctor” those poor, sick babies who drank what?

Baby formula with melamine.

The practice of adding industrial chemical melamine, normally used to make plastics, to watered-down milk to boost apparent protein levels, is quite common in China.

Melamine, which causes urinary problems including kidney stones, was first discovered in baby formula and then in liquid milk, yoghurt and ice-cream, leading to mass recalls.

At least four children have died from drinking poisonous baby formula.

Some Chinese media reports have said the melamine baby formula scam had been going on in China for years, with the Communist country’s corrupt food safety system that could not prevent use of toxic chemicals in baby toys or food.

Let’s not forget where the baby toys contaminated with lead came from. That’s right – China!

Last year, melamine was found in exports of Chinese pet food which killed cats and dogs in the United States.

As the World Health Organization questioned Beijing’s handling of the crisis,a Hong Kong toddler also became the first child affected outside the mainland. A three-year-old girl developed a kidney stone after drinking Chinese milk powder but she has left hospital and is in good condition.

Meanwhile, more countries moved to bar Chinese milk products.

“It seems people already knew of this problem for some time and did not share this information,” Shigeru Omi, Western Pacific director of the UN’s World Health Organization, said on Sunday.

“What we want to do now is prevent this happening again, not just with milk products, but with all foods,” he said.

Food? Oh my. This is scary. How many thousands of people WORLDWIDE are eating melamine-contaminated Chinese dim sum, spring rolls, or takeaway RIGHT NOW?

 I guess I will never eat Chinese food ever again, unless it comes from reputable sources (do they actually exist?) or if I cook it myself from organic or at least local products with ZERO ingredients from China.

Sorry, but I think it’s just not worth it.

INFO SOURCE: Agence France Presse.