Melamine-contaminated infant powder made more than 54,000 children sick and killed four babies in China. The latest scandal tarnished the nation’s reputation in yet another one safety-related crisis. This is the worst contamination of public food supply in China so far, and traces of poisonous plastic are leading to many countries abroad.

Tainted baby formula has already cost the head of the country’s food safety watchdog his job.

So sad, it didn’t cost his head as well. Because….

Four deaths of babies have been blamed on the contaminated milk powder.

Chinese families with their babies rushed to a hospital for checkups on possible affect from the tainted milk. All sick babies are diagnosed with kidney stones, and 8-months old babies are undergoing emergency surgeries after drinking baby formula contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine. (AP)

China vowed to stop toxic milk from reaching processors and export markets. Taiwan has banned further imports of Chinese milk products, while more countries moved to ban or recall Chinese dairy imports.

Taiwan reported three children and a mother with kidney stones in the island’s first cases possibly linked to the crisis.

The Japanese government also said it had suspended imports of milk and milk products from China.

Melamine-tainted products have turned up in an increasing number of Chinese-made exports abroad — from candies to yogurt to cookies and rice snacks.

Health experts say ingesting a small amount of melamine poses no danger, but in larger doses, the chemical — used to make plastics and fertilizer — can cause kidney stones and lead to kidney failure.

Infants are particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects of melamine, because their kidneys are not developed well enough to handle large amounts of industrial chemicals.

Melamine appeared in food because Chinese suppliers were trying to cut costs by diluting their milk formula with melamine because its nitrogen content can fool tests aimed at verifying protein levels.

Lead-painted toys from China, toxic plastic in Chinese baby formula – are Chinese industries aiming at babies, for they are weakest? Or maybe that’s their long-time strategy, wicked and absolutely impossible to embrace?

This is truly horrible. Who can guarantee that melamine didn’t appear in the baby formula sold in our local supermarket? Maybe a smart manufacturer got a REALLY nice deal from a Chinese supplier?

I’d rather feed my baby plain cow milk, certified organic and well-boiled, thank you.