Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and her lovey








If your baby loves something, it’s better to cringe, love, and allow.

Angelina Jolie is one smart mom. I know she has a flock of nannies to take care of her little ones (boy, how I hate the word “brood” that media took to characterize Jolie-Pitt family! They are children! Sons and daughters. Immensely loved ones. Not brood. Ugh.) but still – each of her babes is so happy and well taken care of, only like mommy can do, and no one else. Good job!

Shiloh was born only a few months ahead of my little bundle of joy, and some people comment they actually look alike, and I flourish from pride (neither me nor my hubby are nearly as pretty as Angie or Brad), still, no wonder I can’t help but compare. How fun, we seem to share the taste for low-key practical clothes for our kids (mine are mostly hand-me-downs, too, with occasional eBay purchase or a sale bargain from GAP), we carry them on the same hip, and we let them cling to their security objects.

Angelina Jolie’s choice for Shiloh is a traditional security blanket. Shiloh is rarely seen without her beloved Lovie by SwaddleDesigns. Shiloh has been photographed with green, pink, gray, and fuscia (bright pink) Lovies all around the world. 

And there’s good reason to it. Pediatricians recommend that a young child six months and older be given a security object. SwaddleDesigns’ Baby Lovie is a super soft security blankie with satin trim – perfect for little, delicate fingers to play with and feel.

Lovies (loveys) come in all shapes and textures. Our die-hard lovey is a polar bear by Hallmark. I bought it when I was 8 months pregnant. Ruled by weepy hormones, I bought that sad little bear that was sold on 90 percent sale after a Christmas gift mania in a post office. I sensed that my little one will love him. And she did. She never parted with him for a sec, clinging to him when she was as little one week old. Unfortunately, the bear was a very rare, limited edition, so my hubby and I now scout eBay looking for lookalikes of that wretched bear in case it shrinks one day in a washing machine while we distract our own little lovey from her precious aa-mikkey-aa.